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UCF Knights Email

Please be informed that, especially with customization for UCF students, the Microsoft Outlook program provides the particular version referred to as the Knights Email System. Knights Email offers the set of free collaboration and hosted communication services to UCF students.

The email account which you had registered under the Knights Email System will also serve as the email account for UCF (University of Central Florida).

UCF Knights Email Login

NOTE: For the Knights Email account creation process, you need to log in with the NID UserID (Network Identification) and your myUCF account password.

Knights Email Account – Creation Process

Please follow the below steps to create a Knights Email account.

  1. Please access the UCF (University of Central Florida) official website https://my.ucf.edu,
  2. Then enter your NID UserID (Network Identification) and
  3. Your myUCF account password and click on the Sign-On button.
  4. After logging into your account, click on the option “Knights Email.”
  5. Now, you will be redirected the Knights official website (www.knightsemail.ucf.edu),
  6. And choose the option Create Account (the web link named Create a Knights Email account).
  7. Under the Desired Account name field, you need to enter your preferred Knights account name.
  8. Please ensure that you are selecting the appropriate account name because this is used to communicate.
  9. After then get proper guidelines from the professors, and moreover, this is your official UCF (University of Central Florida) email account name.

Please re-enter your preferred account name once again for confirmation.

Then, from the dropdown box, you need to choose your alternate email address.

Please note that you need to select the email address which is registered with the UCF University. So now hoping how to Knights Email now cleared.

Note:- In case if you have not registered your email address, then please access the following website to register: https://registrar.ucf.edu/change-of-email-address/

UCF (University of Central Florida) uses the primary mode for communication through the registered email address.

They notify their students like fees, tuition, scholarships, financial assistance, deadlines, registration information dealing, and important university business.

UCF Management is very cautious and concerned that important information should not be missed by any student.

At the same time, students must confirm whether the mailing address, both local and permanent, and preferred email address are properly updated on their UCF system.

Also, it is the student’s responsibility to regularly check and maintain their proper information to receive any official notifications and announcements.

With deemed adequate notice, all the communications which are mailed to the student’s address will be recorded.

If the changes of an email address or communication address are not properly updated to the University, then any failed official communication will not be responsible by the UCF (University of Central Florida).

We suggest you to confirm that the telephone number, local mailing address, permanent mailing address, and email address are in the current state with the University.

Then, enable the checkbox, which advices to agree on the UCF Policies and Standards and click on the “Create Account” button.

Your account will be automatically created upon your request submission. The system will generate two confirmation emails and forward the same to your registered alternate email address.

The first confirmation email will contain your Knights Email account name, and the next confirmation email will contain your temporary Knights Email account password.

  • Please access the website https://www.outlook.com/knights.ucf.edu.
  • And login with your Knight account email address and your temporary account password.
  • After authenticating the login details, you will be prompted to reset your account password.
  • The minimum password criteria for setting up under Office 365 are as follows:

The password should be within 8 to 16 character length. Your account password should be very strong and not to be discovered or guessed by anyone.

The password should contain at least one uppercase character, one Number, one Lowercase character, and a symbol.

Password Reset Process

Please login to the myUCF Email accounts (https://my.ucf.edu) using your NID account Username and NID password. Click on the Student Self Service, and confirm the registered email address, and your personal information are correct and click on the Save button.

After that, click on the Knights Email option. The web page redirects to the Knights Email Official website.

Then, click on the Reset Password option. The temporary account password will be generated by the system and forward the same to your registered email address.

Now, you can reset your account password by typing the same under New Password and Confirm Password fields.

If you are still experiencing the account related issues, then please contact our UCF Support Center team or Service Desk Team via Phone at 407-823-5117 for further assistance.

Login to your Knights Email Account

Please follow the below-provided procedure to log in to your Knights Email account:

Login to your Knights Email Account

  • Enter your Knights Email account name or the registered email address.
  • Type in your Knights account password.
  • Click on the Login button.

Now, you should be able to login to your Knights Email account successfully.

Contact Detail
Ticket Sales (407) 823-1000
UCF Athletics Main Number (407) 823-3213
Mailing Address UCF Athletics
P.O. Box 163555
Orlando, FL 32816

This is a complete guide to access webmail or knights email login on every device which you need,

If you want to know more about like knights email on iPhone or anything else, please comment below. Also, you can contact a dedicated official thorough helpline for right and more info.

How do I email UCF?

There many issues which normally not solved by webpage guides, But that can easily solve by following official guys.

If you want to contact with UCF, Then you can read our table which completely dedicated to UCF contact detail, But By default, you can try below contacts:

  1. Contact Through Fax – (407) 823-5625.
  2. Contact Through Phone – (407) 823-3000.
  3. Contact Through Email – [email protected]

How do I send my transcripts to UCF?

If you want to request transcripts, then you should request on My UCF. You can contact via mail and also can call official guys, which dedicated to a clear, complete process.

You can officially order to Registrar’s Office, Just note address Attn: Transcripts, P.O.Box 160114, Orlando, FL 32816-0114.

Where can I find my UCF GPA?

Looking for UCF GPA, Then you should gone on myUCF. After then, navigate Student Self-Service, then Grades, You will see plus-minus navigation just put credit hours and done.


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